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Client Form Library

Clients of The Law Offices of Kirk A. Cullimore have access to a library of forms. These forms can be downloaded as required and contain instructions on when and how to properly use them. Because of the vast experience of over twenty-five years in representing landlords, there are forms for almost every situation. Clients can also request modification and customization of forms to meet specific requirements. Some of the forms available to clients include:

  • Abandonment Notices
  • Trespass Notices
  • Guarantor Agreements
  • No Smoking Addendum
  • Applications
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Options to Purchase
  • Assistance Animal Verification
  • Multiple Rules and Regulations
  • Concession Addendums
  • Student Housing Forms
  • Single Home Lease
  • ....and dozens more!

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Free Utah Eviction Form Downloads

3 Day Pay or Vacate

Under Utah law, you may serve a Pay or Vacate Notice if a tenant fails to pay rent after it is past due. Your lease agreement states the amounts you can charge. This is the most common Eviction Notice and generally the easiest to prove. Utah law requires strict compliance with the notice and service of the notice.

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3 Day Comply or Vacate

When a tenant fails to abide by terms of the lease, violates rules and regulations, or is otherwise causing a nuisance, a Comply or Vacate Notice may be served. The notice should state with some specificity what the tenant must do to be in compliance. In order to evict using this notice, the landlord must be able to establish the violation and prove that it continued to exist after the three days have expired.

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3 Day Nuisance

When the tenant commits a violation of the lease, rules and regulations, or violates the law in a way that cannot be cured, a nuisance notice can be served. Generally this notice is reserved for criminal acts on the premises or repeated violations that establish a pattern that shows the tenant’s indifference to following the terms of the lease. Again, evidence is key to a successful eviction.

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End of Term

When the landlord desires to terminate the lease at the end of the term (or end of the month on a month to month tenancy), an End of Term notice should be served upon the tenant. This notice must be served at least thirty days prior to the end of the lease term or at least fifteen days before the end of the month when the tenant is on a month to month tenancy.

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