Requalifying Tenants upon Renewal

Published 6/1/2015

Landlords implement a significant and arduous process to make sure that the prospective tenant is a person that truly qualifies. Applications have significant and detailed information that assist in determining the prospective tenant’s financial status, past rental history, and connections to the community. Credit checks, criminal background checks, and verification of references are all an integral part of making the determination to accept a prospective tenant.

Often, that is the end of the landlord’s review of a tenant. When the initial lease term expires, the renewal is generally based upon only a casual overview of the tenant’s interactions with management while a tenant. Did they pay rent on time? Have they caused any problems? If the answers are positive, then the tenant is renewed.

What else should be done to protect the landlord and the other tenants? What questions can be asked? Should or can a new credit report be done? Can the landlord charge new fees to re-run credit and criminal? Should credit and criminal be re-run? What process should be used to protect both the landlord and the other tenants?

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