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Live Webinar: Verification of Assistance Animals

LIVE on Thursday May 10, 2018 - 12:00 noon Mountain Time - Join by computer or phone.
Topic: Making the Verification Call on Assistance Animals
Duration: 60 minutes
Who Should Attend: Landlords, Apartment Managers and Staff

Webinar Highlights:

This Webinar will go over the current problems and issues relating to Assistance Animals including emotional support animals. Reasonable Accommodation requests under the Fair Housing Act are continuing to rise with most of those requests relating to Assistance Animals. While HUD has yet to provide any real guidance on how to handle these matters, there are processes and procedures that will lessen the likelihood of a problem while still providing some ability to make sure that only those that are qualified are granted the request.

Discussion topics will include:
  • Review of the current forms to be used in requesting an Assistance Animal
  • Review of the procedure to use with the tenant making the request
  • How to make the verification call to the medical professional
  • What questions can be asked of both tenant and medical professional
  • How to respond properly to the request
  • Internet professionals and out of state professionals
  • Incoming telephone calls on Assistance Animals

This webinar will be conducted by Kirk A. Cullimore. Mr. Cullimore has been practicing landlord law in Utah for over twenty five years. He has been instumental in passing legislation relating to landlord law including the current statutes on abandonment, evictions, fit premises, and security deposits.

There is a limited number of participants in this webinar. Apartment Communities are encouraged to gather staff to view the webinar together.
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