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Live Webinar: Utah Abandonment Law - Avoiding Liability in Handling Abandoned Property

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Event Details

LIVE on Monday January 29, 2018 - 12:00 noon Mountain Time - Join by computer or phone.
Duration: 60 minutes
Who Should Attend: Landlords, Apartment Managers and staff, Maintenance Supervisors

Webinar Highlights:

Personal Property left by tenants must be handled according to the laws established in the State of Utah. There are specific requirements on what notices must be given, how they are given, how long to hold the property, and how the property can be properly and legally disposed. There can be significant liability for a landlord who fails to handle abandoned property according to the law.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How to give proper notice
  • Time constraints on holding property
  • Determining what property must be held
  • Fees that can be charged
  • Proper ways to dispose of retained property
  • Penalties and consequences of not following laws
  • Safe Harbor provisions to protect landlords

This webinar will be conducted by Kirk A. Cullimore. Mr. Cullimore has been practicing landlord law in Utah for over twenty five years. He has been instumental in passing legislation relating to landlord law including the current statutes on abandonment, evictions, fit premises, and security deposits.

There is a limited number of participants in this webinar. Apartment Communities are encouraged to gather staff to view the webinar together.